Insurance Solutions to Meet the Unique Needs of:

Places of worship including churches, synagogues, temples and mosques
Associated religious orders
Faith-based organizations with a registered charity status

More than just an Insurance Policy

We understand the complex challenges that you, as a faith-based organization, are facing today — for example, outdated buildings, shrinking or growing congregations, or the need to take an expanded role in your community. You might be providing childcare services, operating a foodbank, an “in from the cold” program or simply making your space available to benefit the wider community. This level of understanding means we support you with genuine experience and expertise.

You require specialized and tailored insurance coverage to help protect you and your community, as well as your staff, volunteers, visitors, your reputation, and your property. We understand what you need. And, we have also developed a range of tools, resources, and value-added services to help you manage the risks that are unique to you.

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A Specialist who understands you

“I am glad and grateful that the relationship with Ecclesiastical, that began 49 years ago, continues.
Their professional wisdom, guidance and support have been a source of peace of mind for a couple of generations, and long may it continue.”

The Right Reverend Susan J A Bell
Bishop of Niagara
Anglican Diocese of Niagara

Providing you with peace of mind

Today we provide tailored, and cost-effective insurance solutions for faith-based organizations holding a registered charity status with the Canada Revenue Agency including churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, associated religious orders and more.

Using our specialist knowledge and a deep understanding of the risks you face, we have developed insurance solutions as well as other tools, resources and value-added services that safeguard your facilities, assets, volunteers, and fundraising activities, as well as your goodwill and standing in the community.

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Broad property coverage for buildings and contents including stained glass and religious artifacts, employee dishonesty and protection against loss of income including for rents and donations.

liability icon


Third party bodily injury and property damage coverage, including the addition of volunteers as employees.

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Errors & Omissions

Covers lawsuits due to a negligent act, error, or omission arising from a service you provided.

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Directors & Officers Liability

Protection for your Directors and Officers arising out of their responsibilities, including wrongful dismissal.

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Provides financial protection for your organization, including legal liability, civil and criminal defense costs.

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Includes coverage for incidents of a data breach and cyber-attack.

Faith-based organizations have relied on Ecclesiastical’s expertise and insight for over 130 years. Our products and services are specifically designed to protect the vital and diverse role faith-based organizations play in our communities across Canada.

Karl Biermann

Regional Vice President, Eastern Region
Faith Segment Lead

Giving back is what we do 

Being owned by a charitable trust means giving back is what we do. Our employees across Canada are proud to volunteer their time, lend their support and offer creative fundraising ideas—all in support of the numerous registered charities and non-profit organizations that play such a vital role in our diverse communities. Over the years, countless charities have benefited from the generosity of our employee-led and corporate giving. And we continue to develop materials, toolkits, and advice to help charities and non-profit organizations, including places of worship. For example, our fundraising hub offers information on how to raise funds, work with your stakeholders, and raise awareness of your organization and place of worship.

Helping you Identify and manage risk

To further support you, we have developed a range of tools, resources and educational seminars designed to help you manage the types of risks that are unique to your place of worship.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Ecclesiastical annual risk management customer satisfaction survey 2020

Understand, Manage & Reduce the Risks of Arson: Protect Your Place of Worship

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Trip and Fall Prevention

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Maintain Your Roof. Manage Your Risk.

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Value-added services

With over a century of experience and expertise behind us, we are continuously looking for innovative, value added services that we can provide to your organization’s leadership as included, cost-free, benefits. Services like:

value added services legal connex


Unlimited, cost-free confidential telephone access to experienced lawyers, with whom you can discuss sensitive legal issues.

Professional Assist


Unlimited, cost-free confidential telephone access to experienced and qualified counsellors with whom you can discuss sensitive workplace issues.

value added services hr assist


Unlimited, cost-free telephone access to qualified HR professionals and lawyers who can provide information and guidance, as well as practical solutions.

Here for you when it matters most

Our in-house claims specialists always take a proactive approach when handling claims. We’ll do everything we can to resolve your claim quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on what you do best – supporting your community.

94% Customer Satisfaction

Ecclesiastical annual claims customer satisfaction survey 2020

"I felt that things went very well and very smoothly."

"This was an overall good experience! Thank you to all involved!"

Faith customers

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