Maintain Your Roof. Manage Your Risk.

Simply put, your building’s roof system is not static and, if ignored, will certainly deteriorate over time. Since wear and tear (normal aging) is not covered by your insurance policy, it is important to institute a formal roof maintenance program that includes regular roofing inspections.

Detect minor problems before they become big ones

By instituting a roof maintenance program, you will be able to detect and repair minor problems before they become major problems. While it is important that your own maintenance staff is vigilant and on the lookout for potential issues, comprehensive inspections should be carried out by a professional roofing company. Roofs should be inspected at least twice a year — in the spring and again in the fall, as well as after any significant weather or construction event. Inspections should determine the current condition of the roof covering / membrane, the flashings and seams, and the eaves troughs and downspouts. If required, immediate corrective action should be…

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