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Big Give Week

September 18 – 22

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Giving Back on a Global Scale

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of giving during Benefact Group’s Big Give Week, an initiative designed to foster a culture of generosity, raise awareness of our giving programs, and boost engagement with charitable activities both in Canada and around the Group.


Our commitment to you

As your trusted advisor, you can count on empathetic support and guidance from a team of claims professionals across the country.

We’ll do everything we can to resolve your claim quickly, so you can focus on what you do best – supporting your community.

We understand the unique risks your organization faces

Ecclesiastical has developed the expertise and specialist knowledge you need to successfully manage your organization’s current and future risks. Drawing from decades of experience, we can provide you with a broad spectrum of risk management guidance and advice, educational material, seminars, workshops and more.

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Employment Practices & Wrongful Dismissal

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Are You Flood-Smart?

COVID-19 Idle Facilities

Vacant Building Checklist

Four Things to Know About Insuring Heritage Buildings

Four Things to Know About Insuring Your Heritage Building

Our specialists make us who we are

Ecclesiastical is an award-winning employer, with a team of professional, highly-skilled and dedicated people, all working together to serve the needs of our customers and the communities in which they live and work.

Giving back is who we are

We share a passion for making the world a better place.

And we’re owned by a charitable trust, so giving back is central to our values and our culture.

We support a wide range of charitable and community initiatives, including our Community Impact Grant, corporate sponsorships, volunteering our time and more.

Ecclesiastical has received the Caring Company Certification from Imagine Canada. This certification recognizes outstanding leadership in community investment and social responsibility in Canada.

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