Bottles of hand sanitizer

Storage of Alcohol-based Hand and Surface Sanitizers During the COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced us to several new concepts such as social distancing, face mask wearing and the regular use of alcohol-based hand and surface sanitizers.  All these measures…

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email secured

How do I open an encrypted Office 365 email?


Encrypted messages are integral for protecting personal or sensitive information, reducing the chances of being intercepted and ensuring it is delivered to the correct recipient. Select encrypted messages may also…

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Windstorm Emergency Response Plan


We encourage all our customers with exposure to potentially severe and damaging windstorms, hurricanes and rain events, to have a Windstorm Emergency Response Plan. It will help to reduce damage,…

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Candle Lit Ceremony

Safety Practices for Ceremonies Involving Fire


Unfortunately, fires caused by improper control of open flame and ash disposal have been on the rise. Damages from these fires — in terms of personal injury and property damage…

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Insuring Heritage Buildings in Canada


Planning for the future of a strong, vibrant community requires knowledge of the past and an understanding of what we value in the present. Existing buildings, structures and landscapes often…

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MS Teams

Quick Guide for Using Microsoft Teams


The pandemic has limited personal contact and in-person visits, but we can still communicate effectively with our brokers and customers through online meetings. Ecclesiastical is using technologies to facilitate remote…

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Safe Use of Social Media

Safe Use of Social Media


If you’ve shared a photo on Facebook, connected with colleagues on LinkedIn, shared a video on YouTube, commented on a blog post about your favourite restaurant, or Tweeted or Re-Tweeted…

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Icicles hanging off a rooftop in winter

Prepare For Winter. Protect Your property.


Severe Canadian winters — with freezing temperatures, heavy snow accumulation, ice storms, and high winds — present unique hazards and challenges for property administrators and custodial staff. Extreme winter weather…

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Fans set up to dry out an area damaged by flooding

Water Damage Loss Control in Care Facilities


Water influx can damage the electrical systems and structural elements of a building and ruin expensive finishes and furnishings. Residual moisture, if not immediately addressed, may encourage the rapid growth…

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Man and young man smiling at each other

Working With Vulnerable Persons


Requires a police check & a vulnerable sector check Whether you are a member of senior management at a school, retirement residence, long-term care facility, faith community or non-profit organization,…

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