Our Sponsorships

At Ecclesiastical, we sponsor various organizations across Canada that are making a difference in their communities. From awards to competitions, across various sectors aligned to our business, we help organizations forward their mission, and help them reach their goals.

Ecclesiastical grants bursaries for Willowbank students


Photo credit: Julia Hodgson, Class of '25, Willowbank

Ecclesiastical has a demonstrated history of supporting various heritage conservation efforts across Canada. We are so pleased to announce our new sponsorship – a bursary for some of the students attending Willowbank Restoration School of the Arts, Canada’s Premier Heritage Conservation School. Ecclesiastical will be donating $30,000 for 2nd year student bursaries over three years (2023-2025).

Located near Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Willowbank offers a unique three-year diploma program, pioneering an innovative approach to learning about heritage conservation. Combining hands-on and theory courses, Willowbank is training heritage professionals of the future. After completing the program, students graduate with a Heritage Conservation diploma.

For learn more about Willowbank, go to Willowbank.ca.

The National Trust for Canada's Next Great Save presented by Ecclesiastical

With over 50 years in Canada as the leading specialist provider of unique insurance services, Ecclesiastical has long supported saving and restoring historic heritage buildings.

Next Great Save logo

We are so pleased to announce our partnership with The National Trust for Canada, and their Next Great Save project. The project's mission is to help a community save a heritage place that matters to them, with a $50,000 prize provided by Ecclesiastical. The prize money can be used for a project that will adapt, renew or improve the heritage place for the future, and inspire us all in the process.

The National Trust is a national charity that empowers communities to save and renew heritage places. Heritage places are the backbone of resilient, diverse and sustainable communities: think of historic lighthouses and schools, rural landscapes, Indigenous heritage sites, places of faith, older homes and neighbourhoods. They work with partners to see heritage places play their part as cornerstones of climate action and social cohesion, and they spark important conversations about Canada at the places their members visit and discover.

"This is an exciting way to raise awareness of great historic places across Canada. The Next Great Save competition will support a deserving project and give new life to a worthy heritage building in our community."

-David Huebel, President, Ecclesiastical

What is a Great Save?

A Great Save is a project that successfully adapts, retrofits, renews, or improves a heritage place in a way that extends its useful life, and more, such as:

  • responding to new pressures and community needs such as climate change or affordable housing
  • reducing environmental impact
  • reflecting diversity and inclusion of new voices and new stories; and/or
  • offering experiences, education, and inspiration to many
Person wearing construction gear works on the side of a heritage building

Those interested in applying can do so at nationaltrustcanada.ca

The Next Great Save competition runs from October 22, 2022 to February 23, 2023.
We'll be sharing more here!


History Alive! logo

We are a proud sponsor of the Governor General's History Award for Excellence in Museums: History Alive!, which is a partnership between the Canadian Museums Association (CMA) and Canada's History Society (CHS).

Ecclesiastical Insurance Cornerstone award badge

We support the National Trust for Canada by sponsoring the Ecclesiastical Insurance Cornerstone Awards, which brings national attention to exemplary projects and places that contribute to quality of life and sense of place, and illustrate the viability of heritage buildings and sites for traditional or new uses. We have proudly sponsored the Cornerstone Awards since their inception in 2013.

Your charitable or non-profit organization may qualify to apply for a Community Impact Grant