A value-added, included benefit for Ecclesiastical customers

From time to time, organizations of all sizes need help to manage workplace issues‚ for example, developing policies for permanent staff and/or volunteers, drafting employment contracts, managing employee disabilities, handling employees' special needs, and dealing with allegations of harassment.

Confidential access to professionals 

With HRAssist, as an Ecclesiastical policyholder you have unlimited, cost-free telephone access to qualified HR professionals and lawyers who can provide information and guidance, as well as practical solutions. There are no time limits or maximums. You can speak to a professional as often as you wish for as long as you wish.

Knowledgeable, proactive assistance

HRAssist professionals can help an organization's leadership deal with existing or potential problems in thoughtful and proactive ways. They can provide information, practical solutions and, if indicated, direct policyholders to further resources.  HRAssist can provide assistance in a variety of ways.

Developing workplace policies that are appropriate for the organization. If the workplace depends largely on the efforts of volunteers, policies and protocols should reflect the unique responsibilities of volunteers. 

Canadian employment/human rights laws and the impact of these laws on the workplace can be complicated. With the most current information in hand, organizations are far better equipped to understand the risks and develop strategies to mitigate harassment and termination related claims. 

From time to time, employers may require help with performance management and the potential termination of an employee. 

An employee's absences have become chronic and the situation is impacting the delivery of services. Advice is needed on how to best deal with both the employee and the community that depends on these services. 

An employee misses work regularly for health reasons. While the organization is sympathetic to his or her needs, the absences are creating a serious workflow problem. Guidance is required to deal with the situation in the most amicable and fair way, bearing in mind legal requirements and obligations. 

Several employees are using social media in ways that are harming the organization's reputation. Help is needed to draft social media policies, as well as procedures to ensure that they are followed. 

An excellent first-step resource 

Workplace dynamics are as varied and unique as workplaces themselves. HRAssist is an excellent and cost-free, first-step resource that can help you deal with potential problems before they become full blown issues causing financial, legal and/or reputational harm.

HRAssist may not be used for issues relating to criminal, personal or insurance matters. If an organization is involved in legal proceedings, HRAssist will not provide legal advice or legal representation. All matters pertaining to Physical or Sexual Abuse must be referred to an Ecclesiastical Claims Representative.

HRAssist is provided by Assistenza International.

Looking to connect with HRAssist? Available across Canada from Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays) from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST in English and French.

Please have your policy number available to verify eligibility.