Helping you Identify and Manage Risk

Renowned for the risk advice and guidance we provide, the depth of our experience truly sets us apart. Our dedicated team of in-house risk specialists are on hand to support you with a variety of services and advice.

Experience, Expertise and Ongoing Support

Our experts have created risk management guidance to help you proactively manage your risks. Along with white papers and bulletins, you will also find checklists, templates, forms, and instructional videos to help you manage risks to your organization. We encourage you to explore all our guidance material to find what is most relevant and helpful to you.

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    Bulletins (short and informative guidance notes designed to share information, strategies and best practices on managing and mitigating risk)

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    Checklists (easy to use forms and templates that either capture a series of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered)

  • whitepaper-icon

    Whitepapers (in-depth, detailed, and research-based analysis of a specific risk issue which both informs and educates)

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    Videos (“how to” or instructional videos related to risk management and risk mitigation)

This advice or information is provided in good faith and is based upon our understanding of current law and practice. Neither Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc nor its subsidiaries accepts any liability whatsoever for any errors or omissions which may result in injury, loss or damage, including consequential or financial loss. It is the responsibility of the Insured or any other person to ensure that they comply with their statutory obligations and any interpretation or implementation of the contents is at the sole discretion of the Insured or other party who may read these notes.

We have a team of experts dedicated to helping you manage risk.