Insurance to Value – Adequate Coverage for your Place of Worship

As a specialist insurer, we pride ourselves on providing expert advice and guidance to our valued broker partners and mutual customers. We insure more places of worship than any other insurer in Canada and we have extensive first-hand experience with the cost of claims and we know full well how faith organizations can be devastated by a total loss. Most importantly, we consistently look for new and innovative ways to deliver insurance protection.

This white paper gives a clear description of what insurance to value is, how important it is, and how you can be sure you have the correct level of insurance. Ecclesiastical’s Risk Management Specialists are highly skilled at performing valuations that can be used to help you determine an appropriate amount of insurance. For more information, speak to your broker. And be sure to ask for an Ecclesiastical Insurance Valuation. It’s free of charge.

Download the PDF to Learn More

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