Helping you identify and manage risk.

Risk Control is an integral part of Ecclesiastical’s commitment to protect and safeguard our customers’ communities. Risk Control is about being proactive in identifying the potential risks facing an organization and then developing a strategy and plan to control and reduce these risks. It is about preventing injury, ensuring health and safety, and protecting the community’s wellbeing.

We believe that insurance and risk management are two sides of the same coin and we take an active role to educate our customers and help them identify risk. Our highly skilled risk control specialists understand the needs of specific markets and provide practical support to help customers identify, minimize and manage risks in the most effective ways.

We offer our customers educational risk seminars and we provide many customizable tools to help them understand risk better and operate their organizations safely, including:

  • Self-Assessment Guides
  • Risk Control Guidelines
  • Safety Checklists
  • Risk Control Fact Sheets and Bulletins
  • White Papers

Our comprehensive risk control services also include detailed risk assessments, site inspections and building valuations.

Of course there’s no way to identify every single thing that can go wrong, but it is important to try. It’s equally important to document and communicate a risk management plan to everyone concerned. When it comes to risk, forewarned is truly forearmed.

To learn more about how our risk control services can benefit your organization, speak to your independent broker and download our Risk Management brochure.

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Insurance to Value

Insurance to Value means protecting the true value of your property

Studies tell us many properties are under-insured. Simply put, there is not enough money in the limit to rebuild after a total loss, leaving community members to make up the difference.

Why are properties under-insured?

  • Not accounting for the effects of inflation on insurance coverage
  • Underestimating the replacement costs of buildings and contents
  • Not factoring professional costs such as architectural or engineering
  • Not considering the impact of rising material and labour costs, building codes, and other regulations
  • Not updating the value of properties on a regular basis

Insurance-to-value provides peace of mind

We have extensive, first-hand experience with the cost of claims. We know full well how organizations can be devastated by a total loss. That’s why we urge our customers to have adequate insurance to cover the full value of their property.

Our risk control specialists, who are highly skilled at performing property valuations, are ready to help customers determine an appropriate amount of insurance. We were a pioneer in determining the replacement costs of unique and heritage buildings and we have over 100 years of experience.

For more information about insurance-to-value and what it can mean for your organization, speak to your independent broker. And be sure to ask about an Ecclesiastical insurance valuation. We offer it to our customers, free of charge.