The Mississauga Food Bank

The Mississauga Food Bank

Founded in 1985, Mississauga Food Bank is the largest food bank in Mississauga. It aims to relieve hunger in Mississauga by providing and promoting access to healthy food for people in need. It collects donated food from corporations, schools and the community, and manages the distribution of food to 9 local food banks that feed hungry people in Mississauga. Clients of the Mississauga Food Bank are assigned a food bank based on their postal code. They are provided with 7-10 days’ worth of food once each month. It also provides food to 44 agencies that send food to breakfast clubs, soup kitchens, shelters and after-school programs.

Mississauga, Ontario

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This special grant will be used to provide food to vulnerable families, including the distribution of meals and snacks to kids who usually receive them at school or in before/after school clubs, and to support other food bank locations in Mississauga to ensure appropriate support throughout our area.