Toronto, ON:  July 28, 2021:  At this time of year, parts of our country experience potentially damaging windstorms, hurricanes, and rain events. At Ecclesiastical, we have developed a bulletin to guide customers through the development of an Emergency Response Plan.  Having a plan in place will reduce damage, restore operations, and protect lives.

Helping customers manage and identify risks, the bulletin suggests how an organization can prepare for a windstorm or hurricane, and the various safety precautions to put into place at key time periods before a windstorm is expected to impact a facility.

“As well as monitoring severe weather and maintaining an awareness of developing and approaching storm activity, we have mapped out a simple process for customers to follow to build an Emergency Response Plan,” says Colin Robertson, Chief Underwriting Officer and Vice President, Risk Control. 

“We believe that sharing risk management information with our brokers and customers is a key part of our role and will ultimately help organizations protect their property – and more importantly, their people,” he continued.

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