Windstorm Emergency Response Plan

We encourage all our customers with exposure to potentially severe and damaging windstorms, hurricanes and rain events, to have a Windstorm Emergency Response Plan. It will help to reduce damage, restore operations and protect lives. 

Windstorms 101 

Cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons are all tropical storm systems that form over oceans, and the name reflects which oceans they were formed over. 

Hurricanes form over the North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific oceans, and they are ‘tropical’ as they have a warm core (picking up heat from the warm oceans.) The surface, stronger winds and rain are concentrated near the storm centre. As energy is lost from the storm system it is said to transition to a ‘post-tropical’ storm, but this doesn’t indicate that the storm is downgraded to be less severe. This transition generally sees the storm system enlarge… 

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