Toronto, ON:  February 7, 2022:  Canada’s winter conditions can present some unique hazards, with temperature fluctuations, heavy snow accumulation and melting snow leading to possible flooding.  It is important to remind organizations about protecting their properties – to avoid winter damage and, most importantly, to reduce the risk of personal injury. Ecclesiastical’s Risk Control Specialists have prepared some materials to assist.

Prepare for Winter, Protect your Property:  in this bulletin, advice is given on how to protect properties from major winter risks, such as ruptured pipes, ice dams, roof failure and hazards on the ground.  Understanding how a comprehensive risk management and property maintenance program with clearly defined policies and procedures can significantly reduce property damage is outlined.

Avoiding Freeze-Ups & Malfunctions of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems outlines common issues with sprinkler systems and how to mitigate possible loss or damage.   Appropriate installation, inspection and regular maintenance are key components of maintaining fire sprinkler systems. 

Averting Some Common Winter-Related LossesThis bulletin outlines snow and ice removal best practices designed to reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to your property.   This general assistance guide describes steps to hire a snow removal contractor, how to work with volunteers in the process, and action needed to clear the walkways, footpaths, stairs, ramps, and other common foot traffic areas.

“At this time of year, it is important to be aware of the potential risk of personal injury or damage to property that can happen as a result of winter weather,” said Colin Robertson, Chief Underwriting Officer and Vice President, Risk Control.  “These materials, and many more, are found in Ecclesiastical’s Resource Centre at”