Our latest issue of Review magazine has launched, and highlights wonderful stories from the arts, culture and heritage sector in Canada, Ireland and the UK.  

Our vibrant contributors range from architects and artists to heritage and security specialists. Within its pages are insightful articles, fascinating interviews and stories on a wide range of topics from major medieval restoration projects to niche collections such as handbags and whisky.

As insurers of such treasures, we understand the hugely enriching effect these artifacts have on our lives. And enriching lives is something we care about deeply.  We’re committed to doing all that we can so, by helping protect what matters to our customers, we’re making a difference to others.

As life is increasingly lived online, particularly over the past 12 months, we’re not printing the Review this year. Instead, you will find a link to an online version, below, which we hope you will enjoy and share with anyone that you feel would appreciate receiving a copy.

You can view the latest issue here