Toronto, ON:  June 8, 2021:  Unfortunately, fires caused by improper control of open flame and ash disposal are on the rise.  Damages from these fires – in terms of personal injury and property damage – can be devastating. 

Ceremonies involving some forms of fire are important traditional rituals, but they can present a significant risk.  From the use of incense, or smudging, to handheld candles – establishing risk control procedures and taking preventative measures is critical. 

Ecclesiastical’s new bulletin offers best practices and advice to ensure your organization follows safe practices when holding such ceremonies. 

“Many ceremonies at places of worship involve an open flame or fire,” said Colin Robertson, Chief Underwriting Officer and Vice President, Risk Control at Ecclesiastical Insurance.  “We believe that providing our brokers and customers with guidance on how to manage these ceremonies safely and respectfully from a risk control perspective helps mitigate against the risk of fire in the facility.”

Ecclesiastical has several resources available on its website which can assist places of worship in protecting against fire, vandalism, and arson.  For more information and other Risk Control Bulletins, visit

Read the Safety Practices for Ceremonies Involving Fire Here