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Ecclesiastical Canada Exhibitor @ CAIS 2021 National Leaders Conference

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April 12, 2021 - April 16, 2021

Positive Transformation: Reframing our Relevance

Academic Leaders
 including Academic/Curriculum Directors, Athletic Directors, Deputy/Assistant Heads, Junior, Middle & Senior School Principals, IT Directors, Student Well-Being/Support Leaders and Heads of School.

Operations Leaders including Advancement Directors, Enrolment Directors, Facilities Directors, Finance Directors, HR Directors and Marketing/Communications Directors.

Last spring, education encountered its biggest disruption when schools closed their campuses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. School leaders were forced to make radical changes in how their schools functioned to ensure continuity of learning for students. Educators pivoted from face to face teaching to emergency remote learning to hybrid instruction with little opportunity for transition or training. Operations leaders, caught between shifting directives and intense planning, simultaneously moved their departments online to work from home.

Now, after months of reconfiguring, redeploying and repurposing resources, we are pushing past firefighting into strategic mode. School leaders have recognized that the crisis has illuminated other cracks in our foundations and has accelerated the positive possibilities for change. The long term strength and permanence of CAIS schools will be driven by our continued relevance in a rapidly changing world. There is an unprecedented imperative to address racism, the wellbeing of students and adults alike, a possible economic downturn and the competencies that leaders will need to be effective in system level change in the future.

From this crisis has come an important opportunity for change. We have had the chance to reflect on what we have learned during this disruption. Now it is time to  build on our strengths and leverage the current urgency for change to better position our schools for the future. The 2021 National Leaders Conference will bring international perspective and trends with a focus on how schools can leverage the resilience they have demonstrated since the spring and use the current momentum to dive deeply into the possibilities for reinvention. Together we can reframe our relevance and reset the future of our schools in a better post-pandemic world.

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April 12, 2021 - April 16, 2021


Canadian Independent Accredited Schools
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