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Protect Your Church

Restoring Hope


In 2018, a more than 100-year-old church was engulfed in flames and totally destroyed. As the church was at the heart of a small town, the community was devastated, and we knew it was important to respond quickly.

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Flood Fort McMurray

Serving our Fort McMurray customers


Serving our Fort McMurray customers: Fort McMurray spring flood of 2020

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Hurricane Emergency Action Plan


When implementing a hurricane plan, consider other emergency plans, systems or practices already in place that will support surviving and recovering from a storm.

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Safe Use of Bouncy Castles


The type of amusement ride known as a bouncy castle, jumping house, or inflatable bouncer has become an extremely popular attraction at events such as fairs, fundraisers and special activity days. Children clearly enjoy jumping around on a bouncy castle’s inflated floor or sliding down an inflatable slide.

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