Safe Use of Social Media

Best Practices Can Protect Your Organization

With so many users participating every day, social media has truly changed the way we communicate, consume and curate information. Organizations and institutions of all sizes have recognized the power of social media to communicate and engage with their constituents. They have come to understand how social media can be used to increase awareness, broadcast news, engage communities of interest, expand their reach and drive critical fundraising efforts.

However, while employees and volunteers may be encouraged to use social media to share information, there is a fine line between the personal and professional. Employees and volunteers need to understand how their comments may impact the organization, even when these are posted from their personal social media accounts.

The misuse of social media may cause serious harm to an organization. Posting questionable Twitter messages or uploading inappropriate photos to Facebook reflect negatively on an organization’s brand and image… and can cause irreparable harm. Here are some social media best practices to share with your colleagues, employees and volunteers.

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