Trip and Fall Prevention

A trip and fall can result in serious injuries, particularly amongst the elderly where these accidents often result in fractures.

Bouncy Castle Checklist

When it Comes to Electrical Safety, Knowledge is the Best Kind of Power

The electric charge which flows into your property through electric circuits carries enough power to cause serious personal injury – electric shock, burn, even death. In addition to personal injury,...

Safe Use of Social Media

Best Practices Can Protect Your Organization. If you’ve shared a photo on Facebook, connected with colleagues on LinkedIn, shared a video on YouTube, commented on a blog post about your...

Bouncy Castles and Other Inflatable Amusement Rides

The type of amusement ride known as a bouncy castle, jumping house or inflatable bouncer has become an extremely popular attraction at events such as fairs, fundraisers and special activity...

Candle Safety

In Toronto in 2007, a single candle was left burning in a church after a Christmas Day service. The candle toppled onto a flower display setting alight a plastic angel...

Fire Safety

Replacing a place of worship damaged or destroyed by fire is a very difficult task for the management team and congregation to face; on both a practical and emotional level.

Cold Weather Slip and Fall Prevention

In the late fall, winter, and early spring seasons in most parts of Canada, it is important to be mindful of the potential for parishioners and visitors to slip and...

Spring and Summer Risk Control

Spring thaw can often create conditions that lead to property damage and, more importantly, bodily injury. By law, it is the responsibility of the occupier (whether an owner or a...

Food Borne Illnesses in Educational Institutions

Some eleven to thirteen million Canadians suffer a food-borne illness every year. Five thousand Canadians are hospitalized.