Physical and sexual abuse claims

Sensitivity, empathy and integrity

“Our experienced and empathetic claims specialists handle abuse claims with the utmost sensitivity, respect and confidentiality.”

Jane Williamson, Vice President, Claims

At Ecclesiastical, we ensure a broad range of organizations against many eventualities, including physical and sexual abuse (PSA). While PSA claims represent a very small fraction of the overall claims we handle, we take this responsibility very seriously. Above all, we believe that managing PSA claims demands sensitive, careful and experienced consideration by a specialist team. We are very proud to have assembled such a team across Canada.

We review our claims handling process continually to ensure the process is as sensitive and empathetic as possible to the distress of the claimant, while allowing us to do all we can to conclude matters as soon as possible in a fair and transparent way.

We do everything possible to ensure that our approach to the claims management process is at the forefront of the industry and we want to make our guiding principles for handling PSA claims understandable and available to all.

PSA Claims Guiding Principles