Cold Weather Slip and Fall Prevention

In the late fall, winter, and early spring seasons in most parts of Canada, it is important to be mindful of the potential for staff and visitors to slip and...

Keeping Cemeteries Safe

A comprehensive and pro-active Cemetery Maintenance Program will enable your organization to identify the risks and liabilities and establish protocols to manage them.

Hazardous Sports: Exciting and Risky

A severe injury sustained by participation in a hazardous sport can forever change a young person’s life.

Bouncy Castle Checklist

Business Continuity Planning

Cyber Risk Management

Organizations are now increasingly dependent on computers, tablets, and smartphones to conduct their day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, this has coincided with a significant rise in those looking to exploit the technology...

Water, water all around—are you flood-smart?

Climate change with its potentially wild temperature swings and precipitation can create serious risks of flooding during virtually any season, in virtually any part of Canada.

Make Sure That Your Snow/Ice Removal is on “P.A.R.”

Establish clearly defined dos and don’ts for maintenance staff and/or volunteers who will be handling snow/ice removal. For example: in order to prevent accidents, prohibit working on a roof to...

Above-Ground Oil Tanks

In many regions across Canada—particularly in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces—above ground oil tanks are still being used to heat institutional and commercial properties, in addition to private homes.

Refugee Sponsorship

Canadians have a proud history of providing humanitarian aid to individuals and families who are escaping conflict, persecution and human rights abuses in their homelands. In recent months, moved by...