COVID-19: Mitigating Flood Damage During a Pandemic

Damage caused by floodwater can be devastating and tragic under normal circumstances — in fact, repairing the damage and returning both your property and community back to normal can be a slow and difficult task.

However, during a situation such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, there will be additional challenges to overcome. Access to property may be restricted and finding suitable contractors who are available to respond as needed could be difficult. When it comes to water, it’s always best to prepare so being proactive in your preparations will help to reduce the severity of any potential flood damage — especially during the current pandemic.

During this unprecedented time, you should continue to monitor any severe weather alerts issued, together with all associated flood watches and warnings that might indicate an increased risk of river flooding and overland flooding in your area.

If you have to attend your premises to assist in flood mitigation measures…

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