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Risk Management Guidance

Renowned for the risk advice and guidance we provide, the depth of our experience truly sets us apart. Our dedicated team of in-house risk specialists are on hand to support you with a variety of services and advice.

Fundraising Hub

We know that many organizations have been hit hard during this pandemic - demands on services are up and revenue is down. Whether you are a longstanding organization that fundraises regularly, or even a new starter - our fundraising hub can help you. It provides support and guidance, useful tips, and easy-to-use tools to help you stabilize fundraising now and strengthen it tomorrow.

Claims Reporting FAQ 

We’ve compiled a series of frequently asked questions and provided answers to help you, if you are looking to report a claim to us.

ecclesiastical Specialist School logo

As a specialist provider of unique insurance solutions, Ecclesiastical is committed to ensuring that you have access to resources and tools that will keep people safe, and facilities protected. As part of that ongoing commitment Ecclesiastical has created the Ecclesiastical Specialist School, an online series of courses designed to help you, your staff and your customers navigate complex scenarios with tools and best practices.

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