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Risk Management Guidance

Renowned for the risk advice and guidance we provide, the depth of our experience truly sets us apart. Our dedicated team of in-house risk specialists are on hand to support you with a variety of services and advice.

Fundraising Hub

We know that many organizations have been hit hard during this pandemic - demands on services are up and revenue is down. Whether you are a longstanding organization that fundraises regularly, or even a new starter - our fundraising hub can help you. It provides support and guidance, useful tips, and easy-to-use tools to help you stabilize fundraising now and strengthen it tomorrow.

Claims Reporting FAQ 

We’ve compiled a series of frequently asked questions and provided answers to help you, if you are looking to report a claim to us.

Value-added services

With over a century of experience and expertise behind us, we are continuously looking for innovative, value added services that we can provide to your organization’s leadership as included, cost-free, benefits. Services like:

value added services legal connex


Unlimited, cost-free confidential telephone access to experienced lawyers, with whom you can discuss sensitive legal issues.

Professional Assist


Unlimited, cost-free confidential telephone access to experienced and qualified counsellors with whom you can discuss sensitive workplace issues.

value added services hr assist


Unlimited, cost-free telephone access to qualified HR professionals and lawyers who can provide information and guidance, as well as practical solutions.

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