An included benefit for Ecclesiastical policyholders 

From time to time, all organizations are confronted with situations that require legal information and advice. From matters involving taxes and employment contracts to leases and other contractual obligations, these situations can be stressful and expensive, especially for smaller organizations.

Unlimited, cost-free, and confidential 

LegalConnexTM is a cost-free resource available to the leadership of your organization. The service provides confidential access to experienced lawyers who are members of the Bar Association in their jurisdictions, and who have a minimum of five years in private practice.

By providing legal information, practical solutions and/or next-step advice, they can help you avoid the prospect of high legal costs. You can confer with a lawyer as often as you wish, during regular business hours.

LegalConnexTM can help an organization’s leaders make thoughtful and informed decisions about problematic and potentially harmful issues.

Some examples of situations that may necessitate a call to LegalConnexTM lawyers include:

Complying with the legal requirements of terminating an employee 

Recourse for damages to property caused by a building contractor while completing repair work 

Determining an organization’s rights when community groups do not pay leasing fees on time 

The legal rights of an organization that pays for parking spaces, but the building owner refuses to reserve them 

The legal responsibility of an organization for its team of volunteers 

  Take advantage of first-step, value-added legal help 

Legal issues in the workplace can arise at any time and be both costly and disruptive. LegalConnexTM is an excellent, value-added benefit that can help you minimize or avoid costly legal fees and lengthy proceedings.

LegalConnexTM is not an insurance policy. LegalConnexTM cannot be used for issues involving criminal, personal or insurance matters. If an organization is involved in legal proceedings, LegalConnexTM will not provide legal advice or legal representation. All matters pertaining to Physical or Sexual Abuse must be referred to a regional Ecclesiastical Insurance claims representative.

LegalConnexTM is provided by Assistenza International.

Looking to connect with LegalConnexTM? Available across Canada from Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays) from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST in English and French.

Please have your policy number available to verify eligibility.