Customized insurance for faith communities

At Ecclesiastical Insurance, we understand the complex challenges that faith organizations may be facing today — for example, outdated buildings, shrinking or growing congregations, or the need to take an expanded role in the community. Many organizations also run outreach programs or provide daycare/child care facilities on their premises. To meet their community’s needs, they are often called upon to provide many more services… with far fewer resources.

As a leading Canadian specialist insurer and with over 130 years of experience, Ecclesiastical’s products and services are designed to meet the unique requirements of faith communities. We recognize the need to balance budgetary constraints with sufficient insurance coverage. We also understand and want to help you avoid the sometimes-tragic consequences of underinsurance. We will work closely with you to provide comprehensive and affordable insurance programs that will meet your current and future needs.

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Stained Glass Windows

A custom-designed insurance product

Ecclesiastical’s Faith Protect product has been developed with the input of customers to ensure that it meets the needs of your community. It delivers effective insurance protection by providing necessary coverages at competitive prices, including property (all risks), business interruption, crime, and general liability.

Extensions Included


On and Off Premises Extensions include:

  • Headstones, Monuments, Tombstones, Crypts
  • Building By-Laws
  • Additions Under Construction
  • Pollutant Cleanup and Removal
  • Arson, Theft & Vandalism Reward
  • Cost of Hiring Temporary Buildings
  • Property Temporarily Removed from Premises

Loss of Income

  • Professional fees
  • Loss of religious income (including rent and donations)
  • Additional living expenses for religious personnel residing in manse or rectory

Faith Protect also provides an occurrence-based “Basket of Extensions” which is included as part of our base program. For example:


  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Credit Card Forgery
  • Computer Fraud and Funds Transfer

Optional Property Coverage

  • Course of construction
  • Comprehensive equipment breakdown
  • Stained/leaded glass, pipe organs, religious artifacts
  • Flood or earthquake

Value-added services

At Ecclesiastical, we understand that running an organization is complicated at the best of times.
So we’re always on the lookout for value-added services that can help our customers avoid unnecessary hardship and costs.


Woman sitting at a desk
Unlimited access to experienced lawyers

With LegalConnex, our customers can take advantage of unlimited, cost-free telephone access to experienced lawyers. LegalConnex service lawyers are ready to provide legal information and practical solutions to the legal issues of our customers.


Hands and arms of people talking at a table
Unlimited access to experienced counsellors

With ProfessionalAssist, our customers’ leadership has unlimited, free telephone access to experienced counsellors who can help identify the root causes of workplace problems, suggest suitable next steps, and identify other pertinent resources.


3 people sitting at a table in interview
Unlimited access to experienced HR professionals and lawyers

With HRAssist, our customers can take advantage of unlimited, cost-free, confidential telephone access to experienced HR professionals and lawyers to get advice and assistance on HR-related workplace issues.

Optional Coverage


For qualifying risks (Occurrence or Claims Made Basis) – Including legal liability, civil and criminal defense costs under certain conditions.

Directors and Officers

Covers the legal liability of Directors and Officers arising out of their fiduciary responsibilities

Errors and Omissions

Professional liability coverage for losses arising from professional negligence

Umbrella Liability

We offer high liability limits for protection against unforeseen catastrophic events

Comprehensive Equipment Breakdown

For boilers and other heating, cooling and electrical equipment


First and third party coverage for data breach and cyber attack