Ecclesiastical has been insuring heritage buildings since 1887. Over that time, we have become the recognized experts at appraising, underwriting, restoring and rebuilding these storied structures.

Our Commercial Heritage product is designed to protect historic structures that do not align with our key target segments.

Please discuss any risk you deem appropriate with a representative from one of our five regional underwriting centres.


Broad Form coverage is provided for losses caused by direct physical loss or direct physical damage unless otherwise excluded.

The base wording includes replacement cost, by-laws and debris removal falling within the overall property coverage limit on the policy. With the unique construction features of a heritage building Ecclesiastical can assist in providing a valuation of the building.

Coverage is also provided for newly acquired buildings and contents at newly acquired locations ( $ 1,000,000 combined limit per term ).

The following extensions, which are in addition to the overall property coverage limit, are included as part of our base Heritage Protect product offering :

On Premises



Accounts Receivable $500,000
Additions Under Construction $500,000
Arson, theft, and vandalism reward $10,000
Automatic fire suppression system recharge expense $500,000
Building damage by theft $500,000
Computer system breakdown $25,000
Consequential loss assumption $500,000
Consequential loss assumption (off premises power) $50,000
Contingent liability from enforcement of building by-laws $500,000
Cost of preparing proof of loss $500,000
Crisis management $10,000
Emergency services damage to the grounds $500,000
Environmental upgrade $25,000
Fire department service charges $500,000
Installation floater $500,000
Lock and key coverage $500,000
Metered water $500,000
Newly acquired contents at insured premises 25% of contents limit
Pollutant clean up and removal $25,000
Special event automatic increase 25% of contents limit
Tenant’s glass $500,000
Valuable papers and records $500,000

Per Occurrence limits are provided for each individual extension shown and are subject to a maximum “basket” aggregate limit of $500,000 for all extensions combined.

Off Premises



Donated Goods while at the premises of employees or volunteers $500 per item
subject to $5,000 maximum at any one location
Property while at Exhibitions/Craft Shows/Concerts $500,000
Property in Transit $500,000
Property temporarily removed from premises/Unnamed Locations $500,000
Temporary accommodation for resident staff, storage & kennel accommodation for shelter animals $25,000

Per Occurrence limits are provided for each individual extension shown and are subject to a maximum “basket” aggregate limit of $500,000 for all extensions combined.

Optional Property Coverages

  • Comprehensive Equipment Breakdown coverage including electronic circuitry impairment (TechAdvantage™)
  • Cyber cover
  • Flood & Earthquake
  • Sewer Back-Up

Business Interruption

Per Occurrence limits are provided for each individual extension shown and are subject to a maximum “basket” aggregate limit of $250,000 for all extensions combined.

  • Profits ( 12-month indemnity period with option to increase to 18, 24 or 36 months )
  • 90- or 180-day ordinary payroll option
  • Extra expense ( no monthly limitation )
  • Interruption by civil authority
  • Professional fees
  • Expediting expenses

Business Interruption Extensions

Limits provided are in addition to the aggregate per occurrence limit provided in business interruption coverage



Infectious disease, murder / suicide, food poisoning, defective sanitation & vermin evacuation $50,000 per policy term
Leasehold interest $100,000
Exhibition expenses $50,000
Temporary storage facilities 10 % of limit insured or declared on buildings
Bomb scare $10,000 per policy term
Off Premises Power Interruption (24 hour waiting period) $50,000
Failure of Telecommunications Service Extension $10,000 per Occurrence
Contingent BI coverage $20,000




Employee Dishonesty Commercial Blanket Bond (Form A) $50,000
Addition of Volunteers as Employees
Broad Form Money & Securities (In) $10,000
Broad Form Money & Securities (Out) $10,000
Special Events and Holiday Increase limits (50%) for Broad Form Money & Securities (In and Out)
Money Orders & Counterfeit Paper Currency $25,000
Depositor’s Forgery $25,000
Credit Card Forgery $25,000
Computer Fraud and Funds Transfer Fraud $10,000
Incoming Cheque Forgery $10,000
Auditors’ Expenses $25,000
Third Party Extension $10,000 per policy term
Collection Boxes $50 per box, $1,000 per
policy term


The following coverages are available as part of the package :

Commercial General Liability

No Deductible

  • Bodily Injury and Property
  • Damage on an Occurrence Basis
  • Personal Injury
  • Inadvertent Advertising Injury including Copyright, Plagiarism and Domain Name
  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Medical Payments
  • Employer’s Liability: Max limit is CGL limit, subject to underwriting rules
  • Voluntary Compensation for Employees
  • Contingent Employer’s Liability
  • Incidental Medical Malpractice
  • Volunteers Included in Definition of Insured
  • Cross Liability / Separation of Insureds
  • Blanket Contractual ( Written ) Liability
  • Defense Costs in Addition to Policy Limits
  • Media Expense Endorsement
  • Employee Benefits
  • Elevator Legal Liability
  • Broad Form Tenant’s Legal Liability
  • Non-owned Automobile
  • SPF # 6 / QPF # 6: Maximum limit is CGL limit
  • Physical Damage to Hired Vehicles: All Contractual Liability — SEF # 96 / QEF # 6-96
  • Liquor License Liability
  • Non-owned Watercraft ( less than 8 meters in length )

Optional Liability Coverages


Up to $15,000,000
Occurrence Basis or Claims Made

Up to $ 15,000,000 Annual Aggregate limits for Compensatory Damages or Civil Defense Costs with extensions of coverage for Criminal Defense Costs ( $ 50,000 ) and No Fault Medical, Rehabilitation and Counselling ( $ 25,000 Per Claimant / $ 50,000 Annual Aggregate ) and Crisis Management Coverage Extension ($ 25,000 ).

Directors and Officers

Up to $15,000,000
Claims Made Basis

Umbrella Liability

Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc is a specialist provider of insurance solutions and services designed to protect and preserve
Canada’s distinct communities, cultures and heritage. Products or services may not be available for all organizations and
coverage is subject to the actual policy language issued to policyholders.