Insurance solutions for institutions that enrich our lives

At Ecclesiastical, we understand that museums and performing arts centres are vibrant institutions that protect our heritage, enrich our culture and enhance our lives. We also understand that these organizations have unique insurance needs.

Many cultural institutions offer educational programs for adults, children and teens and may also have a commercial component, such as a museum shop, restaurant or cafe. Some are located in modern, iconic structures; others in treasured heritage buildings. Virtually all rely on the efforts and generous support of volunteers.

Over a century of expertise

Ecclesiastical has over 130 years of experience insuring museums, art galleries, cathedrals and heritage properties. Drawing upon this extensive expertise, our risk control specialists can educate organizations on their specific risks. By undertaking detailed risk assessments and reports, we help customers manage and minimize risks to their communities. This team also undertakes building valuations to determine the appropriate amount of coverage for unique or heritage properties.

Custom-designed insurance

Ecclesiastical’s insurance product for cultural institutions provides coverage for:

  • Property — All Risks
  • Loss of Business Income
  • Crime
  • General Liability (including volunteer cover)

We also offer baskets of extensions for Property, Loss of Income and Crime.

Additional coverage options

For additional protection, a range of important supplementary coverage options is available, including:

  • Physical and Sexual Abuse (Highly recommended for institutions offering programs for children or vulnerable adults)
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Professional Errors & Omissions Liability
  • Umbrella Liability.

If your organization is housed in a unique or heritage building, our insurance solutions for unique properties combine all the commercial covers you require, along with specific cover to protect the unique aspects of your property.

To learn more about how these insurance solutions can benefit your organization and for more information about coverages, options, extensions and limits, please contact your independent insurance broker.