We know business insurance can sometimes be complicated.

Ecclesiastical Canada is a fully intermediated insurer which means we don’t sell our products directly to organizations.


We instead use a trilateral approach working closely with a reputable independent broker network across Canada. This ensures you get combined expertise, service, advice and coverage for your unique circumstances.

A quality insurance broker can clarify information, communicate important factors, and work with us to customize your policy.

To Our Brokers – We want to be your most trusted partner in the specialty insurance space for Faith Communities, Educational Institutions, Retirement Living, Charity-Non Profit and Arts/Culture/Heritage.

Intermediary Promise








Market leader in the way we conduct ourselves

We will be ethical, open, honest and transparent in our dealings

We will maintain confidentiality at all times and honour the commitments we make

We will take ownership and act fairly in your clients best interests


Provide exceptional

We will  take personal responsibility for delivering a flexible, responsive, expert underwriting service and strive to get things right first time

We will provide a quick, fair and efficient claims service for your clients and will keep you informed of progress

We provide easy access to our experts and decision-makers and will work with you to help retain your clients and win new business


Provide 'expert' advice and protection

We will demonstrate our value proposition in an engaging and relevant way

We will share our knowledge and expertise to facilitate you to build your business

We will provide risk management advice to promote loss prevention and mitigate losses

Our Products
& Communication

Provide products that meet clients needs and communications that are clear and easy to understand

We will provide quality products with flexible cover to meet your client’s needs

We will provide regular communication, supported by face-to-face meetings where required


Charge a fair price, generating profits for good causes

We will deliver competitive sustainable pricing over the long term to both new and existing clients

Our risk appetite will be clear and consistent in our target markets

We will pay fair, sustainable compensation arrangements that appropriately balance client, intermediary and insurer interests

Staying social during a crisis

Use of social media during the pandemic

The pandemic is causing disruption to the lives and livelihoods of people all over the world.

Businesses have closed or changed the way they operate, and many people are working from home.

As a result, social media can be a precarious place to operate. As brokers who are active on social media, the pandemic presents an unprecedented situation. Do you continue to market as normal? Should you pause all your ads and cease posting on social media? How can you best communicate the information your customers need?

To help during this difficult time, we’ve prepared a guide to help you navigate social media to benefit both your customers and your business.

Click here to download the report

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