In 1968, Bishops from the Anglican Diocese of Niagara travelled to the Lambeth Conference in England with a problem: they couldn’t find affordable insurance for their churches.

The conference, held only once every ten years by the Church of England, brings together Anglican Bishops from around the world for collaboration and consultation on a wide range of church issues.

In attendance at the conference was Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, which was founded in 1887 by statesmen and church leaders to provide insurance protection for the Church of England’s cathedrals and churches. By that time, Ecclesiastical already insured the bulk of the Church of England’s properties in the UK and had gained a reputation for truly understanding the needs of these unique buildings.

The Bishops from Niagara sought out the Ecclesiastical executives and made the case for the insurer to provide coverage for their Canadian parishes.

Fast forward to 1972 and the Ecclesiastical Insurance Office was licensed and ready to sell insurance in Canada. The company’s first call was to the Anglican Diocese of Niagara, which celebrated the news.

The Anglican Diocese of Niagara remains an Ecclesiastical customer today. Our relationship with the Diocese and their insurance broker has expanded, as the role of the Church and its unique needs have evolved over the decades but remains as strong as it was in 1972.

The only thing that hasn’t changed is Ecclesiastical’s commitment to providing the best possible protection to Canada’s faith communities.

St. Mark’s, Niagara-on-the-Lake, built 1809