We exist to give our profits to good causes

Ecclesiastical is owned by a charitable trust and our purpose is to contribute to the greater good. All our surplus profits are donated to good causes.

Our first customer is still our client

We’re serious when we say that we’re here for our customers. Our unique focus allows us to work closely with our brokers and customers to develop deep, long-term relationships based on trust.

The best relationships are seamless

Our trilateral approach means we work seamlessly with the broker to put the customer at the forefront of every interaction – reducing friction and putting their needs first.


We shine brightest when the clouds roll in

Whether it’s confidentially guiding a customer through a PSA incident or responding to a property or casualty claim, our claims professionals go above and beyond to treat your clients justly and fairly.

We’re comfortable discussing things that make you uncomfortable

Because our customers are exposed to physical & sexual abuse and bullying incidents, we offer confidential advice, training and support to help you prevent tragedies and navigate this sensitive topic.


We’re the go-to experts in our field

Ecclesiastical focuses on a few very specific niches, which allows us to deliver highly specialized advice and expertise to our customers.

We work with independent brokers to provide customized insurance solutions to:

We never stop working to keep you protected

From drones to computer modelling, our risk control experts provide our customers with guidelines, advice, training and tools to avoid accidents and losses.